Thursday, December 31, 2009


here's a SHORTLIVED radio interview they did in New Zealand a short time before they toured Europe!

Friday, December 25, 2009


FUCK YOGA REC. and I.B.R. are sharing a flier. click to enlarge!

and here's another review of the MAD BLASTS OF CHAOS VOL. II split 7" taken from TROUBLE ON YOUR SYSTEM:

So, no download link this time...only my two cents on why this 7" rules and why you should snag a copy immediately. This is the second installment in the Mad Blasts of Chaos series released by Idoneum Bello Records, featuring two killer bands...Sick/Tired from the states (Illinois to be exact) and Coffee Rage from New Zealand. Sick/Tired serve up 4 vicious tracks of raging fast thrash/hardcore and feature ex-members of several other top notch bands including MK-Ultra, Right to Remain, Exalted and Weekend Nachos to name a few. Coffee Rage, who share members with Gawj and Asscharger, keep the momentum rolling with 7 tracks of raw and energetic hardcore. Seriously, both bands kill their side with fast and gritty guitar execution and punishing vocals...not letting up for a single second. Anyways, if my word isn't enough to spark your interest...check out the tracks posted on Sick/Tired's MySpace page (a few of which can be found on this split), and also check out Coffee Rage's 8 track demo CD-R released back in '07 here. Copies available on clear and black vinyl (not sure how many of each), and also comes with a bunch of extra goodies pictured below.