Saturday, August 11, 2012


review from TOTAL WAR: Since DJ Screw started working his magic in the early 1990s, it isn't uncommon to see chopped and screwed hip-hop mixtapes or albums. It is, however, different to see a thrashy punk outfit do it. The Cult Of The 7 Crowns, featuring acts such as Gehenna, Sangraal, The Discreet Doll Band, and Witch-Lord just to name a few, chops and slows some of its best tracks.
A slowed version of Mobb Deep's classic "Shook Ones PT. 2" greets the listener, quickly transforming into something more ominous - Gehenna's "First Blood." Mike Cheese's vocals sound more demonic than ever whilst the aggression never wanes, even when the music is chopped and screwed. Penetration Panthers transforms from get fucked-up skate punk into something much darker. I won't lie, it's a weird trip hearing tracks like "83%" and "Pills The 80s" in this vein, but without a doubt, Gehenna (And other COT7C groups) have created something very interesting. I think it would be akin of taking a famous painting that everyone knows and flipping it upside down. Is it the same painting? Yes. But is it different? Absolutely.
One of my thing I really enjoy about this mixtape is that I hear new little nuances and things in some of my favorite tracks (And honestly, how rad is "83%" going into "Fix Me"?). The Mother Fucking Titty Suckers' contribution almost sounds like it's a cassette in its death throes, which needless to say, sounds gnarly and the guitar in "Pills The 80s" sounds out of this world.
Gehenna's split with Blind To Faith showcased a much more doom oriented sound, verging on the psychedelic. "Disciple In My Own Image" sounded like a bad acid trip without being chopped and screwed... This version most certainly one-ups the original and then some. The squealing guitar sounds like strange sirens, both ominous and deafening. The closing track, Fog Specter's "Fog Mistress" is like a grainy recording of a sermon; the vocals are eerie and at times mere whispers. It's an interesting track, one I haven't heard before.
Cult Of The 7 Crowns' "Land Of Screwdom" is a joint effort from Idoneum Bello and Fuck Yoga, limited to one-hundred copies - and to my knowledge is long sold out. If you've checked out Gehenna or Penetration Panthers and want to listen to something a bit out of the ordinary, I highly recommend tracking this tape down.
So, grab your beverage of choice, pop on the headphones, and listen to some killer tunes.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012



Screwed and chopped, dragged and drugged remixes of music played by members of the CULT OF THE SEVEN CROWNS. Twisting the already notorious sound frequencies in an uneasy chaotic direction playing cruel games with your nervous system. Nightmare is reality is nightmare.
MOBB DEEP, SANGRAAL, GEHENNA, PENETRATION PANTHERS, DEVIL, WITCH-LORD, MOTHER FUCKING TITTY SUCKERS, THE DISCREET DOLL BAND, FOG SPECTER - hail the Army of the Seven Crowns! Cover art by Pablo Cavero and Rebekikoo Topakian. co-released with FUCK YOGA RECORDS as a ltd. edition of 100 hand-numbered copies: 5,00 € + shipping