Monday, December 31, 2012

IN 2013

is suppossed to see at least one collaboration with Ivan / FUCK YOGA RECORDS in which we'll join forces to release a 7" of the infamous GEHENNA but it most likely won't stop there as we already talked about doing another split release together too.
I'd also like to do something with DISCONNECTED again as their new stuff totally rips!
I'd also like to do something with SETE STAR SEPT again. something for their 2nd Eurotour would be nice I guess.
even though the chances are good that what I just wrote will happen sooner or later nothing is 100% sure as I type this. well, let me tell you that it is 100% sure that I'll talk to SEA OF SHIT and SICK/TIRED about working with them again, too.
and last but not least let me tell you that I.B.R.-021 is already in the works at the moment! it will be a split 7" featuring VERMAPYRE (U.S./Belgium) and (believe it or not) D.C.R. (Rus). I'm aware that I've said that about D.C.R. more than once before and nothing has ever happened still hasn't but this time it should be out in the near(est) future... even though the tracks of neither of both bands have been masterd yet (as far as I know) plus VERMAPYRE haven't even recorded the vocals for 1of their tracks till now it will be out soon!