Saturday, January 31, 2009


the series of split 7"es featuring bands that have only released demos so far will be called:

I might have told you that already... the 1st to be released in that series will be a split 7" most likely shared by DISCONNECTED from Ohio and another one of those overlooked New Zealand bands.

DISCONNECTED just released their ISOLATED demotape which you can get as physical copy from SONIC SEPPUKU PROJECTS and download as an mp3 rip from their bassplayer's blog NOTHING WHEEL and also from this blog here soon(er or later)!
DISCONNECTED play HARDCORE which is influenced by BLACK METAL quite a bit! the demo comes with a printed cover and has some great artwork including the brilliant slogan: OUR PUNK IS NOT YOUR PUNK! I'd recomend you buy the tape cause the vocals sound way better on the tape than they do in the mp3 version!

b.t.w. I'm still looking for bands to continue with that series!

* I'm well aware that Sean's blog has the same name but he was kind enough to suggest to use that name for the series as well!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


new stuff from DEMON CITY REAPER to be released soon!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I'm very happy and more than proud that XmarkusX from PER KORO RECORDS agreed to help me with the distribution of the stuff released on IDONEUM BELLO RECORDS! the details aren't worked out yet but I guess that won't be such a big problem! check out PER KORO by clicking on the logo! they are cheap and reliable and do a great job for more than 10 years!

Saturday, January 17, 2009


thanks to the internet I stumbled over STATE POISON from France and after writing back and forth emails with Alex from STATE POISON it happened that I'll help them release their 1st 7" later this year! click on the cover on the left to download their demo which was recorded live and sounds heavily CONFUSE influenced!

below is a STATE POISON video I found on the web which is tagged with: "First gig of the french band State Poison. All-out Japanese Hardcore attack from St Etienne, France. Three songs, No cuts, Good crowd response..." watch and enjoy!

Friday, January 9, 2009


IDONEUM BELLO RECORDS 003 - New Zealand's No. 1 Japcore thrashers GAWJ are recording their 1st 7" at the moment! the 7" should be out in late February / early March 2009. delivering 15 tracks in 12 minutes this 7" is going to be a hard hitting, angry little rager. GAWJ will take no prisoners! promised!
at the moment it seems that it is going to be called "SO FAR AWAY FROM GIVING A FUCK... WE CAN'T BE SEEN!"
the 1st pressing will be 1000 copies and it will be possible to pre-order the 7" soon (this will get you a copy of the 7" on limited colored vinyl)!

below are the covers of the 2 GAWJ demos. if you click them you''ll get a free download link for them so you can hear how fucking awesome GAWJ are yourself.

Monday, January 5, 2009


I got a bunch of e-mails in which I've been asked if I could reserve one of the 10"es. I'm sorry but I've to tell you that they're all already reserved!
but as quite a lot of people asked for a copy, a lot more than I expected, I'll perhaps should consider doing a real pressing of the 10" an option? the problem is I'm not sure if I've enough money at the moment to pay for the other releases that are on the way and also for a GEHENNA 10" at the same time!

now, here's my suggestion: in case you want a GEHENNA 10" send an e-mail to and tell me how many you'd like to have! put GEHENNA 10" in the header so it doesn't end up as spam! do not send any money or whatever yet! this is just to figure out how many 10"es I'd need to do in case I'd do it! I'll talk to Mike Cheese in the meantime!

Saturday, January 3, 2009


the one-sided GEHENNA 10", that will be IDONEUM BELLO REC. 002, has just arrived here. it is not a vinyl pressing but an acetone cut where the side with the music is black and the non-music side is grey (as you can see on the picture below), it is limited to 9 copies and it will come in a screenprinted foldout cover.

as it is limited to 9 it's already sold out before it was really released!

this 10" features the 3 tracks from the GEHENNA demo from 1994 like they appeared on the original tape!

as the covers aren't ready yet, I'm still waiting for the artwork their singer Mike Cheese will send, and as it may happen that they'll come with a also limited tshirt they probably won't be 100% ready before the end of January!


if you'd like to check out the 1st release on IDONEUM BELLO REC., the REVOLTE 10" which was released through the cooperation of 8 different labels, click on the cover of the REVOLTE 10" and download the complete REVOLTE discography (including scans of the complete artwork) for free!

sadly it's a very short discography, actually the 10" and one compilation track, but the fact that it's also a very good one should make up for that - fast, vicious and angry HARDORE played by people who knew how to handle their instruments!


nearly 10n years ago I helped to release the REVOLTE 10" and soon after that my label went on a hiatus but now I've re-activated my label!

the 1st 2 releases will be out in late January / February 2009! after those 2 there are some more things I'd love to do. one of them being a split 7" for which I need a second band! if you think that your band deserves to be on that split try and convince me that your band is reliable and that you put some pride in what you're doing (that means if you leave a comment with a link to a shitty done 128 kbits mp3 rip of your shitty recorded demo you failed!)! if you think you could succeed contact me via e-mail but be prepared that if I don't know you and your band you'll have to send me a physical copy of your demo, 7", whatever by snail mail and that is not negotiable!

ATTENTION: if you play in some shitty OI, POP-PUNK, GORE- or PORNGRIND band and are really stupid enough to try be prepared to be ridiculed and mocked in nearly all of my future posts here on this blog!

till now I paid most of the bills for the 1st new release which means it should be out in the 1st week of January 09. the 2nd release will be the 1st 7" of New Zealand's JAPCORE thrashers # 1 GAWJ. they'll record the tracks in early January and the 7" should then be released in late February 2009. as soon as I've figured out the costs for the GAWJ 7" you'll be able to do pre-orders which will get you limited colored vinyl, etc.!

and I decided I'm going to start a series of split 7"es shared by bands that haven't released anything on vinyl yet! the 1st pressing of each split in that series will be 500! so releases # 3 and # 4 will be splits from that series (I'm still looking for bands for that series and I'm looking for a name!).

what's planned as release # 5 is still shrouded in secrecy!