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Kali / Ultimate Blowup 7"
Genre: Fastcore/powerviolence
Origin: Canada vs. Turkey
Released: 2011
Website: Kali, Ultimate Blowup
Label: 7Degrees Records, Spastic Fantastic Records, Idoneum Bello Records, Incursion Records, #1 Dad Rexxx
Uploaded: 24.05.11

I had no relation to either band on this split, having never heard of them before. Since Kali’s name was first on the cover I gave their side a listen, not knowing what I was about to hear. But I can tell you I didn't anticipate anything this rad. From the first spastic blast and frantic scream I fell in love with Kali. At one moment it’s slow hardcore with a touch of aggression, only to turn into aggravated assault in the blink of an eye. The main vocals actually remind me of a mixture between those of Macabre and Agoraphobic Nosebleed, and as soon as I started thinking in those terms I realized it carries even more similarities to the latter of the bands; also song structure wise. And as acts like Boycot, xBraniax, Fatal Nunchaku, Kung Fu Rick and whatnot goes through my mind the result couldn’t be anything but fantastic. A keen sense of riffing, quick tempo changes, tons of diversity in such short songs, excellent vocals and just a buttload of energy and intensity. This is what fastcore should sound like (or is it powerviolence? I don’t know, but either way it kicks some major fucking ass).
Looking through Ultimate Blowup’s thanks list I found two bands that really caught my attention; Burial Invocation and Sakatat, two awesome bands from Turkey. So without looking them up I figured these guys were Turkish too (now I know they are, but I just assumed at first). That’s really a scene on the rise, and there seems to come more and more great acts from the country, be it grindcore, death or black metal. And with Ultimate Blowup I have to add fastcore to the list. In many ways it carries similarities to Boycot and such, but as Kali had a more frantic blasting touch these guys seem to focus a little more on the hardcore side of the matter. It feels like some form of positive youth hardcore as a base, but with the added flair of blasting and brutal aggression. The dual vocal recipe works really well, one of which is quite harsh, the other unfortunately sounds a bit like a stale distorted background shout. It takes away a bit of the intensity, but since the material is too strong to ignore I can’t help but dig it.

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SETE STAR SEPT are coming over for a tour in September. below you can see a schedule for the tour but there's nothing really fixed yet - if you can help them in any way drop me a line!

Sat. Sept. 17 - Rostock (Ger)
Sun. Sept. 18 - Kiel (Ger)
Mon. Sept. 19 - Hamburg (Ger)
Tue. Sept. 20 - Groningen (NL)
Wed. Sept. 21 - Rotterdam (NL)
Thu. Sept. 22 - Gent (NL)
Fri. Sept. 23 - Köln (Ger)
Sat. Sept. 24 - Potsdam (Ger)
Sun. Sept. 25 - Berlin (Ger)

SETE STAR SEPT: website | myspace

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Beide Bands führen einen transatlantischen Schulterschluss (inklusive Mittelpfütze) aus (Royal Canadian Mounted Police trifft Emniyet Genel Müdürlüğü, den türkischen Polizeiknüppel), stehen sich in ihrer Allianz musikalisch recht nah und zerstören skrupellos die morgendliche Idylle. Vorbei ist die Ruhe, als der Bär noch hinter den Busch kacken konnte, ohne dass der Jägersmann ihm eine auf den Pelz brennen wollte. Beide Bands drücken ohne zu zögern ab und veranlassen Mutter Natur zu panischem Fluchtverhalten, weil ihr ungehemmtes Hatecore / Powerviolence Schrotfeuer im Nacken sitzt. Schrammeliges Gitarrenwirrwarr, hektisches Durcheinandergebrüllkreischgeschrei, wenig Akkorde, viel Aussagekraft! Kurz und knapp, dafür gezielt, das scheint mir die Maxime im Aufeinandertreffen zweier Radau-, und Gewaltmobs. Tempo spielt eine große Rolle, gut umgesetzt in seinen beiden Versionen, eben jenen die bei solch (ab)gearteter Ruhestörung gerade noch als innovativer Kunstgriff statthaft sind, ganz schnell … oder eben nicht. Kehlen werden heiser, Muskeln und Nerven stehen unter dauerhafter Anspannung, Schweiß durchtränkt ausgewaschene T – Shirts, Kippen, Bier, Blut an Fingerknöcheln, der Geschmacksverzerrer bringt die eigenen Eltern dazu, das Erbe der Caritas zu spenden! Ihr erkennt euch dabei? , dann müsst ihr euch diese 7er angeln, kaufen, klauen oder selber malen. Auf jeden Fall lohnt sich der Erwerb für all jene, die Sonntags gern mit dem umgebauten Rasenmäher durch die Kleingartenkolonie knattern, Fahnenmasten und Hecken niederpflügen und gläsernes Alkoholleergut über den Zaun des piefigen Nachbarn donnern. Wenn ihr die innige Freundschaft zur Schrebersekte dann noch mit solcher Musik herausfordert, könnt ihr gar nicht mehr verlieren. Für mich persönlich haben KALI etwas die Nase vorn, da sie ziemlich nassforsch über meine Neuronenautobahn preschen und irgendwas dabei berührt (respektive zerstört) haben müssen, ich finde sie einfach einen Tick prägnanter, mit etwas mehr Biss. Aber generell stehen beide wie schon erwähnt Hand in Hand am Abgrund humanoider Dekadenz, werfen ihr Puzzleteilchen zur Vollendung des menschlichen Gesamtbildes, zur Abrundung terrestrischen Überflusses und Wahnsinns über die Klippe. Das Geschmetter wird euch unterhalten, wenn ihr nicht unbedingt Harmonie zum Frühstück braucht und gern auch mal mit Gewalt und Verderbtheit in den grauen Morgen startet. Freut euch auf die passende Mucke, dem Tag in den Arsch zu treten!


Kali + Ultimate Blowup Split

by Discord on 12/05/2011

This split brings together Kali from Canada with 8 songs, and Ultimate Blowup from Turkey with 6 songs. UxBx is without a doubt a grinding hardcore punk band in the vein of Infest, Rot and Denak, with a similar quality to them. Something they should cherish. I love that kind of sound.Kali does remind of a similar style but plays more Grindcore. The 6 tracks on this release know a lot of slow moments with howling screams resonating through all. This is quite a key feature because this sprecific vocal sound builds up a nice tension in combination with the slow musical aggression that is perfectly balanced against the bursts of blastbeats. Outside the fact that the production leans pretty far into the background, for my taste, I see no problem in giving them a good rating. I hope we can look forward to more future releases from both bands.

Kali is Nick Davison, Jason Mireau, Jace Thibault and Pieter Besselink. They recorded their stuff at RS Sound. Artwork by Jason Mireau.

Ultimate Blowup is Can – six strings and voice, Baris – 4 strings and speech, Ugur – tempo and throat . Artwork done by Gallo.

Rating: 75%

taken from here:

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Blowing-Up Kali was the Ultimate Sacrilege

Starting a record with birds tweeting is never a good sign. It’s always a premonition that something really hard and heavy is going to smash your poor face. Kali doesn’t fail the expectations and drills your ears with five songs (plus the tweeting intro) of pure, old school unrelenting powerviolence. Music wise they focus on the contrast between their three souls : blistering speed, breath-taking groovy parts and knee crushing slow tempos. You can draw the influences to the good ol’ times and if you close your eyes you can shift the band hometown from Red Deer, Alberta, Canada to Berkeley, California, USA. They are rad, fast and love to switch from one speed to the other, giving a lot of fresh air to their songs, which can be listened a lot of times in a row without growing old at all. There’s the speed of bands like Capitali$ Casualties and the primal rage of Neanderthal, while Kali demonstrates to have learned to lesson given by Man Is The Bastard in their early days : if you go slow you can hit as hard as if you go fast. Yes, I know, Kali focuses mainly on high speed, but when they slow down are really intense and can grip their hands on your weak neck very, very easily. Speaking of more modern bands, I can draw a comparison to early The Endless Blockade or, more easily, to Life Iron Lung Death by Iron Lung. Vocals are also very cool, but this is a steady factor on both sides. The main style is a pissed off ultra high pitched shriek, not so far from the fast screaming of Charles Bronson fame (even if someone will also say it sounds like Gronibard!), while there some classic lower barks here and there that come directly from the common hardcore background all the mentioned bands have. Lyrics wise they talk about everyday negativity raised by mindless people, numb religion fanatics and so on. Even if the subjects are everything but new, their writing style is very good and makes these topics fresh and interesting. Well, this band is REALLY good and I think I’ll also grab their self titled full EP, because what I’ve heard here is not enough to satisfy my Kali hunger!

I think I could be surprised to find an hardcore/powerviolence band from Turkey, but after Mondo Gecko and {{{D9}}} from Israel, Coffee Rage and Gawj from New Zealand and, well, Sakatat from Turkey, I won’t be surprised by anything. Ultimate Blowup had already won the award for one of the best cover art of the last times with their self titled EP, so they started their career with the right foot and this split EP with Kali makes their reputation even stronger. Their style is more straight forward, more classic if you want, dealing more with extremely pissed off hardcore fueled with some tempo changes, like the last part of Disillusioned and Cast Out. I can’t complain about music. I really love hardcore when it gets REALLY fast and starts to be distorted, dissonant and overall pissed off like every band members’ car has been removed by cops (stupid example, but that’s the true story of my last weekend). There’s a very cool bass sound going on here and in the rare moments when it gets loose it’s really entertaing. Being honest, everything turns out to be very cool on this record, with a lot of tempo changes, very fast and brutal sonic assault, spoken words, ultra-effective drum lines and, above all, vocals. Yes, vocals are surely the best parts of this side of this split EP, with the two singers, Can -also on guitar- and Bariş -also on bass-, making a wide range of vocals creating a very cool Spazz effect. High tones, lower tones, mid ones, fast barking, slower growling and so on. The vocal lines reminds me a lot of a mix of Lack Of Interest and No Comment, making them really near to the Low Threat Profile’s records. Well, even on this side there’s a high level of quality, so I expect to see Ultimate Blowup raging around a lot in the next months!

Thanks to Mat/Idoneum Bello (who has released this one with Spastic Fantastic, 7 Degrees Records, Incursion Records and #1 Dad) for the record!

Gawj are not enough far away from Japan for not seeing it

Ok, this record should be bought even just for the title. So Far Away From Giving A Fuck That We Can’t Be Seen. Holy shit, THAT’S a title. Gawj hails from New Zealand and I’ve already said How much I’m amused to listen to a band from such an uncommon country. While Coffee Rage focuses on the powerviolence/grindcore spectrum of the core music, Gawj deepn their roots in the mid 80′s hardcore/metalpunk/protogrind scene, making their way with chaos and dissonance. I think everyone knows GISM (I REALLY hope so) and how they changed the meaning of the acronym of their monicker on each record, well Gawj starts the list of things that reminds me of that era changing the way Gawj is spelled on the layout for at least foure times : Gawj, G-awj, Gäwj and G-äwj. Yeah, I know, It’s a very tiny thing, but I was immediarely caught by it and got stuck in my mind. Gawj focuses on a chaotic bland of mid 80′s hardcore, mainly in its Japanese version, with the classic frantic and blistering fast drum lines covered in a dissonant and fuzzy wave of guitar riffs. Feedbacks are used quite often, while a good bunch of facemelting solos can be enjoyed throught the record. Vocals are delivered in a ultra classic and old school sleazy barking, which sounds a lot like Chronos singing on a Repulsion cover made by Gai. Gai, GISM, Gastunk, Gauze (Gauze and Gawj…mmmm…just a coincidence?) are some of the names that I can use for describing the sound of Gawj, even if the NZ’s band follows a somewhat more aggressive path, like all those bands combined and reloaded after twenty years of extreme music.Sometimes they lean to a more grindcore environment, even if they are not touching it, because feet are steady on an hardcore ground. Thrash metal, expecially its more contaminated version, is also recognizable here, with a little bit of the early efforts of bands like Sodom or Kreator popping here and there. Lyrics wise you can figure out what to expect just to read the bands I’ve quoted above and than looking at the cover art. They mix an apocalyptic and often dramatic view on society and humanity, sometimes filtered with a nice dose of black humour. This record can sound a little bit too derivative and, well, I think it is, but it’s indeed enjoyable and even if it may sound like the billionth time you’re listening to this stuff I think it’s a kind of music that can never grow old. I want to reccomend it to all the classic Japanese hardcore (I KNOW I don’t have to call it Japcore, I know) fans, who can find twelve minutes of good old school fun, for the newbies of the genre I think they can have more fun with the classics before switching to Gawj.

As all of the Idoneum Bello releases expect a very good packaging, with full color artwork, a booklet with lyrics and the always appreciated obi strip that seals the package. Also for this one, huge thanks to Mat!

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If I have to point out a word when I’ve received the parcel from Idoneum Bello, it must be NEW. My order was driven by Sick/Tired, a band I started to love with their recent Full LP Highlife, but I was smashed by a good bunch of new bands, having the pleasure to listen to their very good efforts. On this post I’m gonne review the first of two chapter of the Mad Blasts Of Chaos saga. What are the characteristics of this saga? Well, the four bands featured on these two 7″ are all dwelling in the fast hardcore/powerviolence environment, even with differences between their styles. Plus these releases share the same amazing layout, with a very cool obi wrapping the top-opened envelope-like cover. Well, let’s stop talking about the whole picture and let’s go into deep with the first chapter of Mad Blasts Of Chaos.

Side A is ripped apart by Disconnected, a band hailing from Ohio, USA, formed by four sickos kidnapped by other local bands (like As Good As Dead, Full Scale Panic and Premonitions Of War). They kick in with four tracks of fast, punishing and somewhat dark pissed off hardcore, leaning sometimes to some crazy old school grindcore, with its oversatured sound and sharp drums beats. There’s a very cool taste in songwriting, with a lot of tempo changes and a nice structure often made by mixing open chords, short hypersonic riffs and simple yet violent drums lines. I really love the parts when Disconnected seems to take a little breath just to come back smashing your face with pure hardcore mid tempo parts, like in Broken Heart Suicide. They put some solos here and there, with the classic high pitched fast series of notes that reminds me the classics from early 90′s. There’s also a cool usage of the vocals. While Patrick’s way of singing can sound a little bit too linear and monotonic, he manages to dominate the scene with a passionate way of spitting out his hate that reminded me the vocal lines of Andy on the Low Threat Profile 12″. This is a very cool side and even if it’s my first time with Disconnected I really hope to listen to more by them really soon.

On the flipside there’s Wasteland from New Zealand. They’re more stuck to the classic powerviolence formula, so expect five songs built from an amazing bunch of tempo changes, slow downs, accelerations, nervous vocals and mind blowing drumming. Guitars and bass create a very enjoyable wall of sound, with a lot of distortions and feedback, also putting the always welcomed fuzzy feeling to each note. There’s a good bunch of slow parts that will make you scream the name of this band in your bedroom hoping to be at one of their gig. Just Scared, People and Sore Loser are perfect examples of how powerviolence should be played in 2011. Put your slow part in, make it punishing, unforgiving, then explode with a super catchy and even funny fast section. Rorschach meeting Charles Bronson. Make the dark part darker and the bright part brighter, make the difference not just big, but EXTREMELY big. Very cool indeed. I want to spend a couple of words on the vocals. Kader has done a very good job singing, using a very enjoyable and uncommon tone for most of the parts, not far from Infest, while he goes a little bit down with his voice he reminds me good ol’ Lack Of Interest.

Well, a very, VERY good split, give it a spin and you won’t be disappointed

Mad Blasts Of Reviews VOL. 2 – SICK/TIRED – COFFEE RAGE

The second chapter of the Mad Blasts Of Chaos series opens with Sick/Tired, a very good band which features members from MK-Ultra and Weekend Nachos. This is their first effort, recently followed by their full length Highlife released by To Live A Lie. These bunch of borderline fuckers delivers four songs of pissed off hardcore which can be called either powerviolence or grindcore without making a mistake. The first thing that will pop out listening to the Sick/Tired side is the pounding way that Gonzo and Kirk are playing their instruments, respectively guitar and bass, giving to each song a strong feeling of brutal violence. Drumming is cool, with a bunch of great mid tempos, like in Another Day, while vocals are stuck to a classic acid growl, which gives to this record a good early 90′s grindcore vibe. I think the best song of this side is Death In California, which can sound both punishingly intense and funny. There are a lot of good intentions going on here, but I think you can feel that they needed a bit more time to let everything take shape. Highlife is better than this first EP, even if they were already displaying a very good taste in songwriting. I want to show my appreciation of the drawings on the inlays, a steady standard in quality from Sick/Tired. This time the cover is very simple, with just the logo, but the inlays feature an amazing rip off of classic Janis Joplin’s Cheap Thrills cover, obviously re-adapted to grindcore and powerviolence imaginary. Follow this band, because Sick/Tired is a name you will hear a lot in the near future!

First of all, I’m VERY happy that I can talk about a band from New Zealand. I’m always down to find bands from unusual places and when the quality is like the one showed by Coffee Rage is a double winning! Coffee Rage assaults your ears with seven songs of restless old school grind…no…ehm…power…well….crust….not even there….hardc…Fuck, they mix a lot of style, imagine a very good blend of grinding powerviolence but with a strong influence by old school hardcore and bass pounding crust. The result is a bunch of songs which sound sometimes violent, sometimes groovy as fuck. Coffee Rage can create both the feeling of smashing someone’s nose with your forehead multiple times, both the one of dancing in the moshpit waving your arms and headbanging till your neck snaps. Lyrics are quite standards for the genre, mainly dealing with hatred and personal issues, with a black humor twist. Vocals are various, mainly dwelling in the pissed off bark environment, classic crusty Agathocles style, with some parts sung in screaming or with a deeper growl. There aren’t slow parts on this side, with all the songs going full throttle without losing the groovy factor. Discharge meeting classic grindcore. This record can be like by a lot of different people, because it combines pieces of many genres creating an all around enjoyable jigsaw of aural violence. Also this side pleases the sight, with a nice cover and a very funny ripoff of the cover from Lotta Per Vivere by Wrecthed (or at least, I think so….I’m pretty sure that design was also featured on a previous record but I can’t recall which one…anyway, if someone knows it, comment!).

Well, another good chapter in the Mad Blasts Of Chaos Series by Idoneum Bello, I can’t wait for the new one whichm by the way, will come out very soon…

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Kali / Ultimate Blowup - Split 7"

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More explosive grind from Germany's 7 Degrees Records (this time with the help of #1 Dad Records, Idoneum Bello Records, Incursion Records, and Spastic Fantastic). Kali (Canada) kicks things off with six tracks generally powered by frantic speeds, high/low vocals, and a couple of slower, pounding tempos for good measure. There are no gaps in between the songs either, they just cave in to a bit of feedback and then keep going. The primary vocals are snotty, bitter high-end yells, and that works well with the overall energy of the tracks. Ultimate Blowup (Turkey) then follows with eight songs of their own take on an extremely similar sound. There's a little more differentiation between the high/low vocals, and both vocalists have a little bit of an unusual ring to their voices, but otherwise the approach is damn near the same, so it's a great match-up. Both bands also utilize production values that are perfect for this style: Balanced yet rugged, unpolished without losing detail, etc. At 14 tracks in only 11 minutes, I'm not sure what more to say here. If you're a fan of fast, energetic, grinding hardcore/punk that likely would've been right at home on Slap a Ham Records 15+ years ago, I see no reason why you wouldn't enjoy the hell out of this split…

Kali "Bloodsport"
Ultimate Blowup "Fact and Resolution?"

The 7" is limited to 310 on black vinyl, 110 on blue vinyl, and 110 on green vinyl, and as always you can contact 7 Degrees Records directly for ordering information in addition to using the links below…


@ Incursion Records
@ Just Say No! Records
@ Per Koro Records
@ Spastic Fantastic


Sick/Tired - Death In California (2011 Version) by Sick/Tired

I still got some of the SICK/TIRED shirts! go here: