Saturday, June 15, 2013


and  cause I just stumbled over it - another review of SETE STAR SEPT's debut full-length REVISION OF NOISE:

Tokyo, Japan’s Sete Star Sept comes blasting with a no-holds barred wall of grindcore on the brink of pure noise and let it be known that this ain’t no run-of-the-mill band. The title of the album is true. Although this two-piece band’s sound is firmly rooted in US and Japanese grind and noise, “revision of noise” sounds very updated to me. There’s a modern sort of twist in the way the tempo changes and transitions are structured. I like that. I like that very much. This way the band becomes more than another copycat of 90s grind. With 15 songs in about the same amount of minutes this grinds like a motherfucker and gives noise/grind something unique and new to digest. The drummer is a maniac who does more than just blastbeating away. It seems this guy plays at a 45 rpm pace. Sete Star motherfucking Sept. Thank you, Fuck Yoga Records.

Thursday, June 13, 2013




Format: 7"
Label: Unterschichten
OVER THE TOP, das sind „vier Typen, die mit ihren Egos ein Stadion füllen können“ – und sie lieben es zu provozieren. Die „Fleischplatte“ ist eine Picture-7“ mit Original-Kindergesichtsmortadella auf der Vorderseite.
Von „Prickings Hof“ bis „Wir wollen grillen“ dreht sich in neun ultra-unterhaltsamen „T(h)rashcore“-Krachern alles ums Aasfressen, hier steht „P.e.T.a.“ für „Punker essen Tiere auf“. Irgendwie überrascht es da auch nicht, dass die Münsteraner ihre bandeigene Plattenproduktion „Unterschichten Records“ genannt haben.
Trotzdem sind mit Black Trash, Subwix, Idoneum Bello und No Words noch vier weitere Labels in die Sache verwickelt. Ein Download-Code liegt bei.
Ute Borchardt     © by Ox-Fanzine / Ausgabe #104 (Oktober/November 2012)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


the new SICK/TIRED 12" called KING OF DIRT is a total rager! check it out on bandcamp and buy it from COWABUNGA


Cult of The Seven Crowns Mixtape I - Land of Screwdom

When I first heard (or perhaps read is more appropriate) this tape was going to be released, I was keen to pick up a copy a.s.a.p. Surely enough I ordered one as soon as I could, and it arrived rather promptly. Now I knew the sort of songs I'd be expecting to hear when I first played the tape. In this way the tape wasn't a surprise, but in another way I haven't been more surprised by a release in a long time. When I first played it recognised a beat coming from Mobb Deep, although something was different about it. It seemed painfully slow and distorted but soon enough the signature Gehenna-style madness flooded the speakers.
And that's what the whole tape is like really, it's great. It's an interesting take on the usual metallic hardcore, I'm not sure of another mixtape in this style that has taken this approach. But it certainly makes some of the tracks sound particularly menacing. To get a taste of what I mean perhaps try loading up Audacity and messing around with 83%. If you slow it down from 45 to 33 rpm you may just get an appreciation of what I mean.
As you can see we've quite a diverse range of tracks on this tape; ranging from Gehenna and Sangraal to The Discreet Doll Band and Fog Spectre. It certainly makes for an interesting mix of 'genres'.
Only a mere 100 of these tapes have been released in a joint effort between Idonuem Bello and Fuck Yoga, with mine being lucky number 72. It seems these are now all sold out, so if you're keen for some COT7C action you'll have to hit up Ebay in the hope some foolish person is willing to let go of their precious copy.
One of the more interesting tracks on the tape was the very last one, 'Fog Mistress' by Fog Specter. I've heard nothing of this band before, and can't seem to find much information on the internet apart from a rumoured 7". Even Evan (who has written a great review of this tape himself) didn't have any more information than that which was surprising. If anyone else can enlighten me on this band I'd greatly appreciate it.