Wednesday, May 5, 2010


COFFEE RAGE/ SICK/TIRED - Mad Blasts Of Chaos Vol. 2 {Idoneum Bello} This noxious 11-track 7" should come with a health warning! From the opening squelch of feedback that heralds COFFEE RAGE’s ‘Never Restrictions’, you find yourself in a world of hellacious Hardcore, inflammable thrash (that a disease??!) and explosive Crust-tinged Punk. New Zealand’s COFFEE RAGE pummel with seven tracks that borrow heavily from ‘Why’era DISCHARGE while throwing in the sounds of KAAOS/ RIISTETYT Finnish Punk to create thrashing, convulsive HC. Highlight lays in ‘Passing Shot At The Jesus Kids’, although the disdain of ‘Avalanche Of Shit’ comes a close second. Yanks SICK/TIRED belch up four tracks that some how mangle early CORROSION OF CONFORMITY ‘core, the unhinged craziness of IRON LUNG and MISERY’s corrosive Crust to make something intense, scornful and gut wrenching. As with all Idoneum Bello releases I’ve seen, this comes in an excellent sleeve complete with inserts. Blazing stuff; the House Of Scanner cat, in his eagerness to escape COFFEE RAGE’s Dischargian wail, first defecated on the carpet and then launched itself at the neighbour’s Pit Bull. And the cat tore the fucker to shreds with this baby acting as the soundtrack. Intense? You fucking betcha! (09.09.10)