Sunday, March 22, 2009


  • the GAWJ 7" is in the pressing plant. even though it started with a little drawback as it was supposed to come in 4 different colors but the pressing plant would've charged me 1000 bucks more so I had to say bye to that plan!

  • the STATE POISON 7" is recorded and should also hit the pressing plant soon

  • the SHORTLIVED tracks for their European tour 7" are being mastered at the moment and should arrive here soon. additional to their tour 7" there will be a re-issue of the 8 tracks from their 2007 demo CD-R as a 7". it will be a one-time white label press ltd. to 200 copies!
  • the same is true for DISCONNECTED's recordings that will appear on their split with WASTELAND a.k.a. MAD BLASTS OF CHAOS Vol. I and on a French 4-way split
  • WASTELAND finally started recording their stuff this weekend

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