Sunday, May 10, 2009


well, as you can see some of the COFFEE RAGE 3"es will have yellow covers and some will have white covers but both versions will have obis that are too little cause my printer didn't print them in the correct size for whatever reason and the printer in the printing shop printed them even smaller. very strange! anyway, I made new ones on my dad's laser printer!

hmm, actually "finished" isn't really true cause not all of them have their obi strips yet but besides that the 3"es would be ready to go.

I cut and glued all 30 covers myself after I realized that my 1st plan of just folding them didn't make them look like they were supposed to look... so I cut & glued them so they were transformed to bags and included an additional lyric sheet!

I think I said that before but for the record once again: I wanted to do 100 copies to get a reasonable price but as the pressing plant refuses to take orders with quantities of more than 30 copies at a single blow I could choose to do it in spite of the fact that it will be fucking expensive or not doing it at all. truth be told the two main reasons for doing it were/are that I'm a record nerd and didn't have a 3" in my collection yet and that I have a weakness for 8"es and records with a smaller size than your typical 7".

COFFEE RAGE's NEEDLES IN EYES 3" will be 12€ / 16$ NOT including postage!

I know that's a ridiciulously high price but, believe it or not that's even some cents below the actual manufacturing costs! in case you didn't understand that: I'm selling them at a loss (not a big loss just some cents but...) so don't cry me a river cause of the price - you don't have to buy one!

in case you want a copy in spite of the high price let me tell you that you can pre-order/reserve the 3" from now on (there are 16 copies left at the moment) via e-mail ( but as the rules of engagement in the MAD BLASTS OF CHAOS series say that only bands that haven't released vinyl of their own will be included it won't be shipped before the release of the SICK/TIRED & COFFEE RAGE split 7" which is in about 3 weeks.

you need to tell me if you'd send cash or use paypal and where you live in that mail so I can figure out the postage (if you're from New Zealand you can get them from NO WAY OUT REC.)

postage: Germany 1,45€ / Europe 3,00€ / World 6,00€  (today that would be 7,48 U$D)


  1. This is ASSCHARGER : Rhett & obviously the d-beat behind COFFEE RAGE !!!
    Well good job on the 3" vinyl MAN !!!!!
    F'Kin sweet Mat, cheers & RAI, RAI !!!
    That number 12 of 30 now resides in my 7" collection box !!!
    Looking forward to slpit 7" with SICK/TIRED...
    May the D-Beat be with you !!!

  2. hey Rhett! thanks for stoping by and leaving a comment.

    I'm looking forward to that split 7" too! seriously COFFEE RAGE & SICK/TIRED are among the best bands I've heard in years! as a fact I ended the hiatus of I.B.R. but way back then it was supposed to be a GAWJ & COFFEE RAGE split 7"

    b.t.w. the ASSCHARGER demo sounded sweet too!