Sunday, June 7, 2009


SHORTLIVED are somehow persecuted from bad luck as it seems. they got 2 different 7"es in the 2 different pressing plants and neither of them made it to me for the start of their tour. the 1st master CD for their MINDROT 7" vanished into thin air in te mail and when the 2nd master CD finally arrived we had to find out that they fucked something up while mastering their recordings and cause of that it isn't ready yet. the 2nd 7", with the 8 tacks from their demo CD-R (which I have already ordered about 9 or 10 weeks ago and which is a white label pressing ltd. to 200) has had problems in the cuting and plating process but should be here on Tuesday.
Praise! Hail! Satan!

edit: that means you probably can buy the SHORTLIVED - MINDROT 7" for the 1st time in Vienna on the 14th and on all shows after that one.

SHORTLIVED's demo 7" will hopefully make it back from the plant on the 18th so the 1st show where it will be sold should be on the 19th in Bremen where I'd deliver it myself as no one else would.

the final dates for SHORTLIVED's raid on Europe:

07/06 : Grenoble, France
11/06 : Beltinci, Slovenia
12/06 : Rijeka, Croatia
13/06 : Hungary
14/06 : Vienna, Austria
15/06 : Prague, Czech
16/06 : Slavonice, Czech
17/06 : Ostrava, Czech
18/06 : Chemnitz, Germany
19/06 : Bremen, Germany
20/06 : Day off @ Trashfest
21/06 : TRASHFEST, Steenwijk Holland
22/06 : Amsterdam, Holland
23/06 : Li├Ęge, Belgium
24/06 : Kortrijk, Belgium
25/06 : Saint-Etienne, France
26/06 : Lyon, France
27/06 : Dijon, France

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