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Sick/Tired rocks on the flip side of punk/metal collaboration

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Sick/Tired 4/5 stars
Coffee Rage 2.5/5 stars

The history of punk rock music is laden with bands that, unable to afford putting out a record themselves, seek out another band to split the costs and resulting album with.

DeKalb punk/metal band “Sick/Tired” was recently fortunate enough to do just that, recording a split seven-inch vinyl record with New Zealand punk band “Coffee Rage.” Assembled by Idoneum Bello Records from Germany, “Sick/Tired” and “Coffee Rage” have managed to collaborate on one of the best records to have a local band’s name on it in a long time.

The first side of this record is by “Sick/Tired.” Formed only last year, this is the group’s first time on record. These guys may get lumped into the “grindcore” or “powerviolence” subcategories of music, but apparently refuse to limit themselves to just one label.

In just four blistering tracks, the band proves that short and simple songs can have just as much of an impact as any double-album rock opera. By laying on plenty of R-rated lyrics, and alternating between furious thrash metal and slow, catchy jams, “Sick/Tired” has managed to put together a hook-filled record that sets them far apart from their often untalented peers. This side is perfect for people with short attention spans and a taste for intense music.

“Coffee Rage” from New Zealand is the band on the flip side of this record. Formed in 2007, broken up by late 2008, and re-formed earlier this year, the band contributed a seven-song long attack to this venture. Loaded with non-stop drumbeats and depressing yet comical lyrics, these recordings yield a solid effort of no real note. The band does not try to re-invent the wheel, but they do what they do and they do it well.

The first track, “Never Restrictions”, set the bar fairly high for the rest of the songs. Sadly, they only reach that peak, never moving past it and often only imitating it. The first few listens prove to be enjoyable, but it soon feels like it’s time to move on. The clever wordplay in the lyrics only maintains its novelty for so long without catchy riffs to back them up.

Overall, this record was pretty great. “Sick/Tired” delivers an amazing onslaught of riff-heavy hardcore punk that should have taken up the whole record, while “Coffee Rage”, though talented, fail to make any real impression on the listener. If you like fast, raging punk and metal (and own a record player), check out their myspace at to get more info on how to obtain a record.

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