Monday, January 10, 2011


the 1st new release in 2011 will undoubtedly be the KALI // ULTIMATE BLOWUP split 7" as it's already in the plant and the test-presses have been approved too. I'm not doing this one alone though. it will be a collaboration of 5 labels, 2 other German labels SPASTIC FANTASTIC REC. and 7DEGREES REC. and 2 U.S. labels INCURSION REC. and # 1 DAD REC. plus a little help from the bands. there'll be 100 on blue vinyl, 100 on green vinyl and 300 on black vinyl.

the 3rd part of the MAD BLASTS OF CHAOS series is supposed to be the 2nd release. it should feature ENTRAILS and GOOD THINGS and hopefully see the light in late January/early February 2011.

if I can budget it the ABORTED CHRISTIANS // GAWJ split 5" will hit the pressing plant together with M.B.O.C. Vol. III if not it will be sent there as soon as possible. either way it should be the 3rd release in 2011.

it could be that the New Zealand 12" compilation that ALWAYS NEVER FUN REC. will do with a little help from me might be out earlier though. it will feature tracks from the likes of OPEN TOMB, METHDRINKER and ROGERNOMIX amongst others and come with a full-color A5 booklet.

speaking about compilations... I'm also still working on that 5" compilation I've announced quite a while ago. in the meantime I could talk some bands into promising me a track for it and some even have sent me their track already. I'm still looking for bands so if you can write a decent song with a playing time NOT longer than 18 seconds at most hit me up! beware, I'll be very picky!

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