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1, 2, 3 Crush…1, 2, 3 Kill…1, 2, 3 Damage…1, 2, 3 Grind…1, 2, 3 Sete-Star-Sept! This Japanese grindnoise band reworked harsh, out-the-box sonic madness into a gnarly 2010 release entitled Revision Of Noise, out now via Fuck Yoga. So what do you get with this album? 15 songs clocking in at just over 15 minutes, and every song is a short bombastic burst of aggro energy! What sticks in my brain about this album are the audio monsters that live under the layers of grind, and seem to share the spirit of jazz or other avant garde music. Then you have the metallic giants that roam the streets of Revision Of Noise, kicking over the garbage cans so that the grindcore rats eat away at the riffs that spew across the pavement. Sete-Star-Sept are wizards at transforming a cyco moment of chaos into an all-out righteous rage and fury. Even though I can’t understand a word of the vocals, I feel where they are coming from 200%. As songwriters, Sete-Star-Sept are smart as fuck, because they have realized with a genre like this, it’s the weird things that make the music more interesting, and that’s why you will encounter many sonic revolutions on this album. I really dig the way that this band has molded hardcore, classic metal riffs and grindcore into their own zany universe of metallic drama. Sete-Star-Sept also keep a constant flow of chaotic grooves weaving themselves in and out of their compositions. When you hear Revision Of Noise, you might think you are listening to a full band, but it’s only two humans conjuring up all of the rad noises you encounter.

Japan Metal Guide's "Reviews" portion from issue #2. This review is of Sete Star Sept's "Revision of Noise!"

von Richard Kropacek, Donnerstag, 4. August 2011 um 03:36

Sete Star Sept - Revision Of Noise (Fuck Yoga Records)
Review by Rich
Japan could be said that they are internationally-known for their grindcore, and if that is true, Tokyo’s Sete Star Sept could partially be held responsible. Outside of grind, their lineup is unconventional; only two members front this band and play with out any session musicians, at venues, such as Earthdom, with fellow-grind band, Su19b, and local death legends, Coffins. They can be said to have had their share of live performances and they have even played possibly the first-ever grind show at Yokosuka’s legendary bar, Fuck Yeah’s. Don’t be mistaken, readers who dislike grind; Sete Star Sept appear to be much more than ‘Just another grind band’, and “Revision of Noise”, their latest offering, is a kick in the mouths of those who ever short-credited this powerful outfit.
What first got my attention from “Revision of Noise” was that there were only 19 tracks to the release, and the music seems to be much longer than the everyday grind bands (or are the songs grouped together properly, with little gaps in between tracks?). I personally believe this to be better (grind fans, hear me out, and hate me later!). The testosterone on “Revision of Noise” does not rip you off or short-change you with only a few measly seconds. Do not get me wrong. There are blatantly-short tracks, yet the music seems to be composed with more quality than the 0.5 second-song-bands.
To further compliment their raging music, there are adequate amounts of great, slow, and catchy riffs, that break the music up better. When paired, the grinding explosions and chaos-inspiring, ear-killing vocals arise with that much more power. There are plenty of Death / Thrash / Black / Doom elements layered within this insane album, so almost any extreme metal fan may find himself or herself headbanging along to the audible-madness that “Revision of Noise “has to offer.In conclusion, I say that this album is indeed worth a listen! Sete Star Sept have really made a revision of the noise, that seem to be taking the extreme blast-beats, blazing guitars, and the grunts and shrieks to a new level, with this interesting and diverse masterpiece of chaos!

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