Saturday, August 11, 2012


review from TOTAL WAR: Since DJ Screw started working his magic in the early 1990s, it isn't uncommon to see chopped and screwed hip-hop mixtapes or albums. It is, however, different to see a thrashy punk outfit do it. The Cult Of The 7 Crowns, featuring acts such as Gehenna, Sangraal, The Discreet Doll Band, and Witch-Lord just to name a few, chops and slows some of its best tracks.
A slowed version of Mobb Deep's classic "Shook Ones PT. 2" greets the listener, quickly transforming into something more ominous - Gehenna's "First Blood." Mike Cheese's vocals sound more demonic than ever whilst the aggression never wanes, even when the music is chopped and screwed. Penetration Panthers transforms from get fucked-up skate punk into something much darker. I won't lie, it's a weird trip hearing tracks like "83%" and "Pills The 80s" in this vein, but without a doubt, Gehenna (And other COT7C groups) have created something very interesting. I think it would be akin of taking a famous painting that everyone knows and flipping it upside down. Is it the same painting? Yes. But is it different? Absolutely.
One of my thing I really enjoy about this mixtape is that I hear new little nuances and things in some of my favorite tracks (And honestly, how rad is "83%" going into "Fix Me"?). The Mother Fucking Titty Suckers' contribution almost sounds like it's a cassette in its death throes, which needless to say, sounds gnarly and the guitar in "Pills The 80s" sounds out of this world.
Gehenna's split with Blind To Faith showcased a much more doom oriented sound, verging on the psychedelic. "Disciple In My Own Image" sounded like a bad acid trip without being chopped and screwed... This version most certainly one-ups the original and then some. The squealing guitar sounds like strange sirens, both ominous and deafening. The closing track, Fog Specter's "Fog Mistress" is like a grainy recording of a sermon; the vocals are eerie and at times mere whispers. It's an interesting track, one I haven't heard before.
Cult Of The 7 Crowns' "Land Of Screwdom" is a joint effort from Idoneum Bello and Fuck Yoga, limited to one-hundred copies - and to my knowledge is long sold out. If you've checked out Gehenna or Penetration Panthers and want to listen to something a bit out of the ordinary, I highly recommend tracking this tape down.
So, grab your beverage of choice, pop on the headphones, and listen to some killer tunes.

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