Saturday, October 3, 2009


So the 7" is available in 3 different variations while stock lasts.

Get it from (in Europe you can get it from PER KORO or me in the U.S. in a few days INTERPUNK may be your best bet for the start)

Also cool reviews in Maximum Rock'nRoll and on the Punkas website.

Also stop the friend requests, if we want to be your buddy we'll fucking ask you. All requests will be deleted. We don't like you, we certainly don't like your shit band and we don't give a fuck about your upcoming shows.

Gawj are also not playing live for the forseeable future.

edit: here's another review from SCANNER zine...

GÄWJ - So Far Away From Giving A Fuck We Can’t Be Seen {Idoneum Bello} Ever wonder what it’s like to have your face burnt off while simultaneously being ripped a new arsehole? Wonder no more because New Zealand’s very own GÄWJ will sort both issues out! This is a trip-to-hell 15-track 7" pressed on resplendent white vinyl that melds the spastic blur of the most ferocious Japanese HC (think LIP CREAM), a WARCOLLAPSE-esque Crust vocal assault and some down-tuned Metal riffage to create a noise that is guaranteed to dissolve the bowel of any Gaslight Anthem fan at 50 paces. The opening squeal of feedback heralds one of the highlights, ‘Buried Under 1000 Years Of Shit’. The feedback continues to assail the ears between every track with ‘Roadside Slaughter’ and ‘All Burn Together’ being other notables. Packaging is top stuff too with a fold out poster, inner sleeve and full lyrics. I personally could’ve done without so much Metal in the sound, but when a track like ‘Fuck Your World’ hits, then all is fine by me! (11.10.09)

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