Saturday, October 31, 2009


SCOTIA WIDOWS is another band that Kirk of SICK/TIRED plays in. if you expect them to be another FASTCORE / HARDCORE band like MK-ULTRA, SICK/TIRED, etc. let me tell you: you are wrong! in Kirk's own words: "Scotia Widows is basically me from mk-ultra with the drummer and guitarist from Pedestrians and the girl singing is from a lesser known chicago band called Venom Lords. Also, the "male" vocals are me singing. We have gotten comparisons to old Dangerhouse bands and Husker Du. It seems like a fair comparison." I guess I agree. but nevertheless SCOTIA WIDOWS are still a strange beast as there are some points where music and vocals seem to so far apart from one another that this must also be the reason that they still connect somehow. as I got a weak spot for female vocals I like it a lot! the physical copies of the CD-R were ltd. to 100 if you didn't get one click the pic for an mp3 rip of the demo.

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