Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Kali / Ultimate Blowup 7"
Genre: Fastcore/powerviolence
Origin: Canada vs. Turkey
Released: 2011
Website: Kali, Ultimate Blowup
Label: 7Degrees Records, Spastic Fantastic Records, Idoneum Bello Records, Incursion Records, #1 Dad Rexxx
Uploaded: 24.05.11

I had no relation to either band on this split, having never heard of them before. Since Kali’s name was first on the cover I gave their side a listen, not knowing what I was about to hear. But I can tell you I didn't anticipate anything this rad. From the first spastic blast and frantic scream I fell in love with Kali. At one moment it’s slow hardcore with a touch of aggression, only to turn into aggravated assault in the blink of an eye. The main vocals actually remind me of a mixture between those of Macabre and Agoraphobic Nosebleed, and as soon as I started thinking in those terms I realized it carries even more similarities to the latter of the bands; also song structure wise. And as acts like Boycot, xBraniax, Fatal Nunchaku, Kung Fu Rick and whatnot goes through my mind the result couldn’t be anything but fantastic. A keen sense of riffing, quick tempo changes, tons of diversity in such short songs, excellent vocals and just a buttload of energy and intensity. This is what fastcore should sound like (or is it powerviolence? I don’t know, but either way it kicks some major fucking ass).
Looking through Ultimate Blowup’s thanks list I found two bands that really caught my attention; Burial Invocation and Sakatat, two awesome bands from Turkey. So without looking them up I figured these guys were Turkish too (now I know they are, but I just assumed at first). That’s really a scene on the rise, and there seems to come more and more great acts from the country, be it grindcore, death or black metal. And with Ultimate Blowup I have to add fastcore to the list. In many ways it carries similarities to Boycot and such, but as Kali had a more frantic blasting touch these guys seem to focus a little more on the hardcore side of the matter. It feels like some form of positive youth hardcore as a base, but with the added flair of blasting and brutal aggression. The dual vocal recipe works really well, one of which is quite harsh, the other unfortunately sounds a bit like a stale distorted background shout. It takes away a bit of the intensity, but since the material is too strong to ignore I can’t help but dig it.

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