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Kali / Ultimate Blowup - Split 7"

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More explosive grind from Germany's 7 Degrees Records (this time with the help of #1 Dad Records, Idoneum Bello Records, Incursion Records, and Spastic Fantastic). Kali (Canada) kicks things off with six tracks generally powered by frantic speeds, high/low vocals, and a couple of slower, pounding tempos for good measure. There are no gaps in between the songs either, they just cave in to a bit of feedback and then keep going. The primary vocals are snotty, bitter high-end yells, and that works well with the overall energy of the tracks. Ultimate Blowup (Turkey) then follows with eight songs of their own take on an extremely similar sound. There's a little more differentiation between the high/low vocals, and both vocalists have a little bit of an unusual ring to their voices, but otherwise the approach is damn near the same, so it's a great match-up. Both bands also utilize production values that are perfect for this style: Balanced yet rugged, unpolished without losing detail, etc. At 14 tracks in only 11 minutes, I'm not sure what more to say here. If you're a fan of fast, energetic, grinding hardcore/punk that likely would've been right at home on Slap a Ham Records 15+ years ago, I see no reason why you wouldn't enjoy the hell out of this split…

Kali "Bloodsport"
Ultimate Blowup "Fact and Resolution?"

The 7" is limited to 310 on black vinyl, 110 on blue vinyl, and 110 on green vinyl, and as always you can contact 7 Degrees Records directly for ordering information in addition to using the links below…


@ Incursion Records
@ Just Say No! Records
@ Per Koro Records
@ Spastic Fantastic

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