Tuesday, June 7, 2011



Another band from Canada (Manitoba this time, like Archagathus and Violent Gorge) and another good one! Skatefucked is the second (I think) effort from Hostile Life, after their 2009 demo CD-r and features six tracks of pure old school American hardcore, mixed with a small amount of thrashcore. Starting from the title of this EP there’s a strong skate-core influence in this CD, easily tracking back to classics such as JFA. Even if it sounds very fresh and personal this record is really stuck in the 80′s American hardcore environment. Along JFA I can add a bit of the early Black Flag, the slower side of Youth Of Today and somehow a little bit of Gorilla Biscuit, especially vocal wise. There’s a very strong “everyday life” feeling going throufh Skatefucked, with lyrics dealing with common issues and normal people’s problem. The songwriting, as stated above, is really fresh and you can enjoy it at multiple levels. Personally, I really like the faster parts switched with the very cool bass lines, while the acid vocals are a great addition to an overall pleasant EP. Grab it!

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