Saturday, January 31, 2009


the series of split 7"es featuring bands that have only released demos so far will be called:

I might have told you that already... the 1st to be released in that series will be a split 7" most likely shared by DISCONNECTED from Ohio and another one of those overlooked New Zealand bands.

DISCONNECTED just released their ISOLATED demotape which you can get as physical copy from SONIC SEPPUKU PROJECTS and download as an mp3 rip from their bassplayer's blog NOTHING WHEEL and also from this blog here soon(er or later)!
DISCONNECTED play HARDCORE which is influenced by BLACK METAL quite a bit! the demo comes with a printed cover and has some great artwork including the brilliant slogan: OUR PUNK IS NOT YOUR PUNK! I'd recomend you buy the tape cause the vocals sound way better on the tape than they do in the mp3 version!

b.t.w. I'm still looking for bands to continue with that series!

* I'm well aware that Sean's blog has the same name but he was kind enough to suggest to use that name for the series as well!

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