Monday, January 5, 2009


I got a bunch of e-mails in which I've been asked if I could reserve one of the 10"es. I'm sorry but I've to tell you that they're all already reserved!
but as quite a lot of people asked for a copy, a lot more than I expected, I'll perhaps should consider doing a real pressing of the 10" an option? the problem is I'm not sure if I've enough money at the moment to pay for the other releases that are on the way and also for a GEHENNA 10" at the same time!

now, here's my suggestion: in case you want a GEHENNA 10" send an e-mail to and tell me how many you'd like to have! put GEHENNA 10" in the header so it doesn't end up as spam! do not send any money or whatever yet! this is just to figure out how many 10"es I'd need to do in case I'd do it! I'll talk to Mike Cheese in the meantime!

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