Friday, January 9, 2009


IDONEUM BELLO RECORDS 003 - New Zealand's No. 1 Japcore thrashers GAWJ are recording their 1st 7" at the moment! the 7" should be out in late February / early March 2009. delivering 15 tracks in 12 minutes this 7" is going to be a hard hitting, angry little rager. GAWJ will take no prisoners! promised!
at the moment it seems that it is going to be called "SO FAR AWAY FROM GIVING A FUCK... WE CAN'T BE SEEN!"
the 1st pressing will be 1000 copies and it will be possible to pre-order the 7" soon (this will get you a copy of the 7" on limited colored vinyl)!

below are the covers of the 2 GAWJ demos. if you click them you''ll get a free download link for them so you can hear how fucking awesome GAWJ are yourself.

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