Saturday, January 17, 2009


thanks to the internet I stumbled over STATE POISON from France and after writing back and forth emails with Alex from STATE POISON it happened that I'll help them release their 1st 7" later this year! click on the cover on the left to download their demo which was recorded live and sounds heavily CONFUSE influenced!

below is a STATE POISON video I found on the web which is tagged with: "First gig of the french band State Poison. All-out Japanese Hardcore attack from St Etienne, France. Three songs, No cuts, Good crowd response..." watch and enjoy!


  1. are you deaf? they sound nothing like confuse.

  2. another one of those to stupid to read! it says influenced by CONFUSE it does NOT say sounds like CONFUSE!

  3. any contact of the band?

  4. if you're talking about how to contact STATE POISON then you can either...
    - leave a comment here or

    - you send me the message & I'll pass it on or

    - you send me your address and I'll pass that on to them and tell them you want them to contact you!